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For 30 years we have been the leading Slovenian Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) and Destination Management Company (DMC), providing the complete financial management of congresses, conferences, meetings and other events, their coordination, technical equipment, and supervision at all destinations in Slovenia. We offer an all-inclusive service for your conference, congress or event.

Official name: Albatros kongresni servis, kongresno-turistična agencija d.o.o.
Short name: Albatros kongresno-turistični servis d.o.o.
Address: Ribenska cesta 2, 4260 Bled, Slovenia (EU)

Phone: +386 (0) 4 57 80 350
Fax: +386 (0) 4 57 80 355
E-mail: info@albatros-bled.com

Reg. No.: 5725984000
VAT No.: SI49903055
Account No.: SI56 0313 9100 0002 908, SKB Banka Ljubljana


Address: Cankarjeva ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU)

Phone: +386 (0) 1 256 61 12

E-mail: valentina@albatros-bled.com


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We could say that Andrej Ristič and Majda Zidanski were pioneers in establishing the first private tourist agency in the former state of Yugoslavia. As Prof. Janez Fajfar expressed it: “…and so they succeeded in establishing Albatros, the first private tourist agency in the former socialist countries which stretched from Triglav to Pyongyang.” In 1986 the agency was registered under the sector of ‘organizational services in tourism’. Andrej’s experience in tourism and Majda’s experience in congress tourism, together with their willpower and determination, were fundamental to dealing with difficult and unfavourable times.

1986 Establishment

1987-1988 Every beginning is difficult – attainment of business relationships, building trust, embarking on the congress market

1989-1990 Business growth, the disintegration of Yugoslavia hanging in the air

1991-1992 War and post-war period

Drastic decrease in tourism, the numbers of foreign guests fell by 70%.

1993 Working in the new state under new conditions – searching for new clients and re-positioning in the market.

1994-2007 Steep increase in business – average growth of 25% per year

From 2005 to 2007 ‘business boom’ period

2008 15 September: official beginning of the financial and economic crisis, which Slovenia did not yet realise.

2009 Slovenia caught by the crisis, sudden economic decline, and indecisive politics meant a decrease in the congress organization sector.

2010 Battle for existence, searching for additional markets, activities within and outside Slovenia

2013 Reorganization of the company, launching of new project

2014 Business ascent

2015 An optimistic view of the future

Symbolically the name Albatros was chosen from the bird Albatross, which is considered a royal bird, in the same way as organization of meetings is seen as an aristocratic branch of tourism. Albatrosses live in very windy areas and only a few survive their first flight. So the royal Albatross prepares for the first flight for a very long time, and if successful, spends the most of his life airborne – in the same way Albatros accomplished the first flight, and through windy times, we fly towards new horizons.

For our 30th anniversary we would especially like to thank the people who supported the establishment of the company.

We would like to thank all our co-workers, for their great ability with which they co-created and co-shaped the company’s reputation. Above all, special thanks for our jointly managed challenges, and for commitment to work, but mostly for readiness to go a mile further when necessary.

And last but not least we would like to express our gratitude toward our clients for their immense trust in putting their national and international status into our hands, passing onto us the responsibility that the meeting will be run transparently and the outcome impeccable.


The quality of our services is based on long-term experience, on our know-how and skills, and on all our successfully organized national and international meetings.

In our relationships, as in our profession, we are aware that all our acts and influences bear consequences. In our continuity we strive for transparency, trust, quality of service, and development.

By solving problems and misunderstandings we retain open and respectful relationships; as with our clients, so too with our subcontractors and co-workers.

Our work is our mission and as such there is a difference between simply earning money and working with the heart. In our profession there is a demand for determination and excellence, with attention to detail and a personal approach.

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