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A cool capital for great meetings.

Ljubljana is a lovely Central European city and one of Europe's brightest and most engaging small capitals.It is situated in the southern part of the Ljubljana basin, at the juncture of the Alps and Dinaric mountain ranges, and pretty much everything converges here: all major transport links, industry and commerce, culture, politics and power. The city’s tremendously compact centre is perfect to discover on foot. While the city boasts a number of enjoyable museums and galleries, the city's real charm lies outdoors. Its central core is a showcase of princely Baroque and Secessionist edifices, while the legacy of magnificent buildings, bridges and pathways belongs to the greatest Slovene architect Jože Plečnik. The city’s churches reveal a dazzling artistry, from Francesco Robba's extraordinary altar sculptures to Quaglio's splendid frescoes. Fundamental to the city's layout and history is the slender river Ljubljanica, a once navigable waterway, but now sprinkled with several fine-looking bridges. On both, the left and right banks, the city's Roman and medieval past can be detected, splendid Baroque townhouses and maze-like streets of the majestic Old Town are lorded over by the landmark castle on top of the Castle Hill. The splashes of greenery give just a hint of what lies beyond the city's boundaries. Above all though, Ljubljana is a sociable city, place to come and meet people, dip in and out of its enchanting riverside cafes or delicious restaurants and engage in the nightlife. Owning to both – the country's size and the city's central location, it lies at a perfect location and offers great capacities to organize international and national conferences, meeting and events.

Recommended number of participants according to the existing conference facilities in Ljubljana: up to 2000 delegates.




Imago paradisi.

One thousand years old in 2004, Bled is by far the country’s most popular destination, thanks to its placid fairytale lake and island, dramatically sited castle and snow-tipped mountains. The lake was created some 14,000 years ago when water flooded a depression left by a receding glacier. It is a natural and spontaneous playground, deluged with skaters during the winter and bristling rowing boats, gondolas and swimmers during the spring and summer months. The town dates from 1004, when the German emperor Henry II bestowed the castle and the land between the two Sava Rivers to the bishops of Brixen – who would subsequently rule for the next 800 years. The first visitors to Bled were medieval pilgrims from Carniola and Carinthia, who came to pray to the island church, although mass tourism didn’t take long to find its feet thanks in no small measures to Arnold Rikli, a Swiss born physician who opened a bathing resort and associated accommodation facilities here in 1855. Between the two World Wars the resort became a popular hideaway for politicians and royalty, with both the Yugoslav royal family and later Tito, spending much time here during the summer. Even today Bled is the place high-ranking officials and diplomats are ushered to when visiting Slovenia. It is also a convention centre with numerous hotels offering various meeting possibilities. The location, close to the capital city and a stone-throw away from major international airports is an additional bonus.

Recommended number of participants according to the existing conference facilities in Bled: up to 550 delegates.



Always inspiring.

Situated in its own sunny sheltered bay is Portorož, Slovenia’s major beach resort. It is a likeable and enjoyable place, the beaches are clean, safe and well-maintained and there is enough going on to keep activity seekers happy. The town’s modern appearance belies a history dating back to the 13th century, when Benedictine monks from the nearby monastery of St Lawrence cured a range of diseases using the local mineral-rich brine and mud from the saltpans, the same health-inducing properties that led to the development of Portorož as a popular resort in the 19th century. The resort’s first hotel, originally intended to accommodate the military, was built in 1830, followed by the once magnificent Palace Hotel in 1912, built in the honour of the visit of the Emperor Franz Josef. Whilst the town remains a popular health and treatment centre, a lot of visitors today come as guests on international meetings. The meeting amenities are exclusive and they offer a wide range of hotels to choose from as your business destination. Of special interest is also the location – natural beauty, historic towns, magnificent underground, rich wine growing regions and world known Lipizzaner horses are all a short distance away. Portorož is located close to most international airports, an hour’s drive from the capital city – its advantage is also the vicinity of borders with Croatia and Italy.

Recommended number of participants according to the existing conference facilities in Portorož: up to 1100 delegates.


Other locations

Precious. Green. Attractive. Different.

Slovenia is the only country in Europe that has the Alps and the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the mysterious Karst. The changeability of the landscape will surprise you time and time again. You can see the sea, and yet there are the mountains behind you. You climb a forested slope, and below you there is a green plain. You stand in a mountain pasture and below you there is a gorge of a river. Slovenia’s largest cities are small in international terms; but even Slovenia’s smallest towns are big when it comes to experiences in medieval squares and charming marketplaces, by the rivers, in narrow streets lying in the shadow of castles and churches. Behind the remains of town walls, the green countryside that blends so naturally with urban scenes is easily accessible. Lively towns offer interesting events, fascinating legends and sights, and the heritage of different periods that combines with the cultural and natural sights of the surrounding area.

Everything you need to organize, even major international events, is waiting for you in Slovenia, and at the same time a wealth of opportunities for the activities in the vicinity of the event venue. In the heart of Europe, you will find professionalism combined with a relaxed attitude, security and good organization, and also the hospitality of people who speak many foreign languages. Besides major conference locations, you can organize your meetings also at any other destination throughout the country – each place has its own characteristics and can adapt to individual needs of the customers.

Druge lokacije

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